Revolution by Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam (may peace and blessings of Almighty Allah be on him) is the only person in the human history who brought a complete revolution in Arabia. There is no such example of the revolution that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) brought in the entire human history. Many historians of 20thCentury accept this fact including Michael Hart in his book “The 100”. In this book, he categorizes 100 people who have brought a great revolution and left a mark in the history. Even though he is a Christian, he puts Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) at number 1 position and Jesus (peace be upon him) at number 3. He says:

“He was the only man in history who was supremely successful in both religious and secular levels.“ (Dr. Michael Hart, “The 100”, New York, 1978).

M.N. Roy who was the member of Communist International, in his book “Historical Role of Islam” clearly and in much detail says that the greatest revolution in the human history was the revolution which Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) brought which changed everything.

H.G Wells in his book “Concise history of the world” criticized the different aspects of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)’s life. There is no doubt that he had very much hatred for the Prophet, but when he quotes the Prophet’s Last Sermon, he writes:

Although the sermons of human freedom, fraternity and equality were said before. We find a lot of these sermons in Jesus of Nazareth, but it must be admitted that it was Mohammad who for the first time in history established a society based on these principles.”

These are the words of the enemy of Islam in 20thCentury.

Any person who knows the history is bound to accept, he cannot deny.

He is the person who made such a revolution because Almighty Allah was with him; this is the evidence that he is the Prophet of God. Being the last Prophet sent for the guidance of every human being till eternity, he had to leave a mark on the entire human history; he had to be the shining example and thus, Almighty Allah made Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) an example not only for Muslims but also a sign for the non-Muslims. He didn’t just leave his mark but also left a miracle, The Glorious Quran, which is for the guidance for whole of humanity till eternity. This book had to be preserved in order to be the guide for everyone, that’s why Almighty Allah Himself holds the responsibility of preserving it. Almighty Allah made His last book and His last Prophet, both, the example and sign for the human kind.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is not only the greatest person in human history, but he is also the only man who has been loved and respected most by his companions (may peace be upon all of them) and relatives. When you read his life history, you will find many examples and stories of love and compassion showed by the companions, that we see for no one else in entire human history. His enemies also witnessed it before their eyes and accepted that he is indeed the most respectable and the most loving by his people.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) created a society based on Islamic principles; he did not only teach these principles and laws but he practically operated and applied them in the society. The lives of Arabs were completely changed. Every part of life was changed; changes in political, social, economical, judicial and educational sectors were taken place. In other words, Islam was completely applied and followed by people. And this type of complete revolution in which everything is changed has no other example.

Moreover, this glorious and holy revolution came in just 23 years of time period. In these 23 years, approximately 81 ghazwaat (campaigns or movements) took place in which Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was involved in 27 of them and only few campaigns converted into battles or war. Majority of the campaigns were without fighting. And in these 81 campaigns, only 1018 people were killed, out of which 259 were Muslims and 759 were non-Muslims.

Such a huge revolution and only few people were killed! This revolution can be said as a Bloodless Revolution. It is just like a miracle and this is the evidence that God was the helper of Muslims.


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